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Heritage Walks Around Devonport

The Devonport Museum is a stop on one of the four Heritage Walks of Devonport. These walks and the heritage buildings along each route are described in a series of four brochures prepared by the Rotary Club of Devonport.

Pick up copies from the Museum or from one of the various locations around Devonport including the Devonport Library.

Heritage Walk  "Amongst Local Maunga"

This map shows a walk around Devonport with descriptions of some of the heritage sites you will pass.
Download the map HERE 

Maps are also available at The Esplanade Hotel reception.

Posters and Postcards from the SHOP

Devonport Arts Festival posters

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  • Cheltenham Beach Kiosk
  • Merry Christmas from Devonport
  • Cheltenham Beach boat and children
  • Greetings from Devonport
  • Victoria Road 1911