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Collection Policy

The Devonport Museum specialises in memorabilia pertaining primarily to the history of Devonport. Other artefacts and material may be considered for inclusion in the collections.

Current displays in the Museum

Devonport Schools
Devonport Transport
Some early Devonport settlers and families
Brickmaking in Devonport
Military exhibits
and many more

Some highlights:

Butcher's block


One of three butcher's blocks of the AMC (Auckland Meat Company) Butcher's stores of Devonport.
Made of kauri from a 600 year old tree trunk, it was purchased from the Whangaroa Timber Company in Northland.

The three stores were 

  • Vauxhall Rd near the old Post Office - opened to supply Fort Cautley
  • Victoria Rd on the corner of Rattray St - opened to supply the general population of Devonport
  • Calliope Rd - opened to supply the Navy

This butcher's block was delivered to Calliope Rd AMC in 1921. It was moved to Victoria Rd shop when Calliope Rd shop closed and remained there until that shop closed in 1984.

By counting the number of rings in the wood, there are about 500, we can reliably estimate that this tree seeded around the year 1500.

For more information and to see the block come and pay us a visit.



This model villa is typical of the 1890's era. This model is all hand made from Kauri. There is a central hallway, a parlour, three bedrooms, and a kitchen. Out the back there is a pantry, and a scullery (both off the kitchen), bathroom, washhouse and WC.

The villa took 10 months to build. Always a favourite!

Devonport Borough Council Scrapbooks 1886 - 1989


These invaluable scrapbooks contain collated newspaper cuttings relating to Devonport Borough Council business and happenings, local events and local and regional issues during the 103 years of the Council's existence

The museum paid to have the scrapbooks indexed under the supervision of the North Shore Libraries. Three complete photocopy sets of 115 volumes have been produced and they are held at:

  • Devonport Library
  • North Shore City Council Archives
  • Devonport Museum

The main sources of these cuttings were:

The New Zealand Herald
Auckland Star
North Shore Times Advertiser
other miscellaneous printed news media
the Council's own correspondence and material

The original scrapbooks are stored in the North Shore City Council Archives.

North Shore Libraries has indexed these scrapbooks and this index can be found as the Devonport Heritage Index on the North Shore Libraries catalogue (in the "Advanced" search option, tick Devonport Heritage Index - Devonport Borough Council Scrapbooks index).

Searching our collections

Inmagic DB/Textworks software provides searchable access to our large, diverse collections of objects, photographs, family histories and reference books.  
We gratefully acknowledge ASB Trust for their assistance with setting up the database program.

Photograph Collection


The Museum has a large photograph collection of the people, houses, buildings, events, and scenes of Devonport. These are being digitised and indexed and some of the collection is now searchable through our database.

The Museum can now provide photographs from the collection at the costs below. These are computer generated and the best quality is equal to that of a normal photograph.

   Photo Reproduction Costs

All A4 size

Digital file  
JPEG by email  $15.50
TIFF file on own USB stick  $15.50
Printed photographs  
Digital B&W on premium paper $10.00
Digital Colour on premium paper $15.50
Digital B&W on photo quality paper $20.00
Digital Colour on photo quality paper   $30.00

Photocopying of written material varies depending on research content, but is usually 20c per sheet.
If you require images or written material for commercial use, please contact us directly for costs.

Research costs

$30 per hour for non-commercial use
$40 per hour for commercial use

Other Research at the Museum

Devonport Genealogies

From the family histories and notes that have been given to the Museum, we have been extracting the genealogy of Devonport families into our Legacy Family Tree program.  We can often assist with family history data and can produce charts to show the families and descendants from some of the early settlers in Devonport and of some of the more recent families.

Abbreviated charts of a few of these early families are shown on display panels in the Museum.

Street Directories

We have copies of the Devonport Street Directories for most of the years from 1890 to 1936, and a few others.  These list the resident's name and often their occupation, and enable us to trace the successive occupants of a property.

$30 per hour for non-commercial use.
$40 per hour for commercial use.